SciBite supports first data scientist degree apprenticeship

SciBite is proud to be supporting Anglia Ruskin University’s pioneering initiative to develop trained early career bioinformaticians through their brand-new data scientist degree apprenticeship.

Blog - Anglia Ruskin University Data Science Degree Apprenticeship

Pioneering initiative

The course will allow students to work while they study, meaning they can build on essential data science, coding and programming skills as a solid foundation for their career development, whilst studying towards a professional BSc (Hons) qualification in Bioinformatics.

Anglia Ruskin were initially approached by the Wellcome Sanger Institute who recognized the current skills shortage that is affecting the rapidly growing genomics and big data industry. Working together they have been able to shape this exciting new apprenticeship, where graduates will be able to use their knowledge of computing to help answer some of the biggest scientific questions we have left to answer.

Up until now a career in bioinformatics has been geared towards more experienced and senior individuals with advanced qualifications, but now we have the opportunity to grow and develop a pipeline of qualified talent which could be revolutionary for the industry.

This is a new, exciting channel into a highly scientific area where employers can shape a new era of loyal workforce who will quickly add real value to their business. It can be a springboard for those who may not have considered a career in science or may not have had the right opportunities easily accessible to them. This by definition is what apprenticeships are for.” Suparna Ghose, Principal Consultant Strategy and Partnerships Apprentice Lead for Science and Engineering at Anglia Ruskin University

SciBite and 9 other employers at the Wellcome Sanger Institute came together from the beginning to support the initiative and have followed the project through to culmination. SciBite’s CSO and Founder Lee Harland truly see’s the value in this groundbreaking initiative and believes it can redefine the way this industry looks at the knowledge, skills and behavior of aspiring data scientists.

ARU have been really receptive, they’ve listened to a wide spectrum of both academic and commercial people to make sure that this course actually gives us talent with a grounding in the skills we want. We’ve had deep involvement in forming the curriculum and we did a lot to shape the course.” Lee Harland, CSO and Founder at SciBite

Calling all scientific employers

If you’re an employer looking to increase your supply of data scientists and want to support the degree at work initiative to reap the benefits of an apprentice in bioinformatics, then join the movement. It’s a great opportunity to develop and shape a pool of talent, create a loyal work force and can add true value to your business.

What are degree apprenticeships

Degree apprenticeships provide relevant cost-effective work-based learning. They are a collaboration between employers, apprentices and Universities. Employers utilize the Apprenticeship Levy to develop emerging talent, whilst apprentices gain a university qualification alongside real work experience.

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