SciBite and Sinequa join forces to transform scientific search

SciBite and Sinequa's new collaboration combines custom ontologies with a powerful search platform to help researchers find answers fast.

Magnifying Glasses

The future is in Big Data – and companies across industries are investing heavily in data analytics, tooling, and AI technologies that can analyse it. Life science organisations are no exception. They understand the incredible potential that data analysis tools have to advance innovative research. Drug discovery and development, in particular, have the potential to be accelerated with data and AI-driven technologies.

Collecting, harmonising, and analysing Big Data is no easy feat. When we talk about data in the life sciences, we are referring to a vast array of information that includes genetics data, peer-reviewed articles, clinical trial results, real-world evidence, industry reports, market analyses, statistics, and a great deal more. This information may be unstructured, siloed, and spread across the organization.

So, the question becomes – how do life sciences organizations identify critical data assets, make sense of them, and put their data to good use?

Partnering to search smarter

SciBite’s mission has been to develop tools that help organisations manage their data and unleash its innovative power. Key to SciBite’s efforts has been establishing partnerships with other companies doing groundbreaking work in this space. One long-standing collaboration has been with Sinequa, a company that offers an intelligent enterprise search platform.

SciBite’s named entity recognition tool, TERMite works in conjunction with curated vocabularies to identify and extract key concepts from both structured and unstructured types of scientific content. The Sinequa partnership allows for the seamless integration and configuration of TERMite within the Sinequa platform. This integration allows organisations to harness SciBite’s life sciences expertise directly within the Sinequa search environment, improving both recall and precision in the search experience.

SciBite and Sinequa take on COVID-19 research

Recently, SciBite’s Adam S. Brown PhD (Director of Professional Services) and Rachael Huntley (Senior Scientific Curator) joined Sinequa’s Jeff Evernham (VP of Product Strategy) and Nick Gogan (Sales Engineer) to present a webinar on transforming the scientific search experience using customised ontologies with SciBite and Sinequa.

They demonstrated a timely example of how CENtree, SciBite’s ontology management tool, can be used to create a new ontology for COVID-19 vaccine research. SciBite took the publicly available Coronavirus Infectious Disease Ontology and, via CENtree’s intuitive interface, easily added key synonyms for COVID-19 vaccines. SciBite then deployed the newly curated ontology directly to TERMite, demonstrating improved performance in tagging key COVID-19 concepts.

Once the terms were properly recognized and classified with SciBite, Sinequa then demonstrated how the Sinequa Search Platform’s user-friendly interface could be used to search and analyse content to provide unique insights.

Dynamic duo

Together, SciBite and Sinequa can empower researchers in the life sciences get to answers faster. This not only helps organizations with maintaining a competitive edge, but, most importantly, enables researchers to make vital discoveries that result in life-saving treatments and vaccines.

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