Leveraging semantics for effective navigation of scientific content

A Copyright Clearance Center & SciBite Perspective - In an increasingly data-driven society, it can be overwhelming to keep your knowledge base current and effectively utilize data. The result in many organisations is underutilising the data and content available to them.

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This is particularly prevalent in disciplines like the life sciences, where the data is largely unstructured in nature and where heterogenous and rapidly evolving terminology is prevalent. This makes it less amenable to computational processing, hampering the search and extraction of scientific insights. These challenges underpin the increasing adoption of FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable) data principles.

Increasingly, the content landscape is more complex; more content providers, as well as a broader range of internal data management tools, lead to further siloing of data and making it inaccessible to users within an organization. Data-driven organizations need to support both internal and external content, making it accessible to users and enabling them to realise the investment made in this content.

Access to data is one part of the problem; findability is a second challenge that data-driven organizations face. In this blog post by our Partnership Manager, Sam Shelton, learn how Copyright Clearance Center (CCC) and SciBite have combined their expertise to deliver a FAIR data platform that offers full semantic search within RightFind Navigate. RightFind Navigate both streamlines the delivery and aggregation of content and leverages industry-leading named entity recognition to enable full semantic search over aggregated content sets.

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Our data-first, award-winning semantic analytics software is for those who want to innovate and get more from their data. Built by scientists for scientists, we believe data fuels discovery and continue to push boundaries with our cutting-edge technology applications and people-first solutions that unlock the complexities of scientific content.

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