SciBite and ONTOFORCE partner to make semantic search even more powerful

Cambridge, UK – SciBite, a firm whose technology is disrupting the traditional approaches of working with scientific information across the globe, today announced a strategic partnership with ONTOFORCE, the leading data integration company.

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The partnership between SciBite and ONTOFORCE will tackle head on the challenge of capitalising on the relentless flow of available data through the power of semantic analytics in a cutting-edge platform and be directly relevant to many critical functions of research-based businesses, from PreClinical science through to regulatory affairs.

“Our partnership with ONTOFORCE gives customers an unprecedented ability to mine both structured and unstructured data in a seamless manner”, said Lee Harland, CSO, and founder of SciBite.

“We’re delighted to be able to build on the deep, mutual respect that ONTOFORCE and SciBite have for each other’s technologies, and connect the best of these for the Life Sciences,” said Hans Constandt, ONTOFORCE CEO.


ONTOFORCE is a Belgian company that develops groundbreaking visual analytics, semantic search, and linked data technologies with offices in Ghent (Belgium), Cambridge, MA, US), and New York (NY, US). The mission is to make everyone a citizen data scientist by democratizing access to data and insights into public, internal and third-party data. Because smarter data enables smarter decisions.

ONTOFORCE has won many awards and recognitions and receives support from renowned research institutes such as IMEC, IDlab, UGent, UCSD, MIT, and the Harvard Catalyst Group.

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About SciBite

SciBite is an award-winning leading provider of semantic solutions for the life sciences industry.  Headquartered in the UK, it supports its customers with offices in the UK, US, and Japan. A fast, scalable solution, SciBite delivers a semantic platform across science-based industries.

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