About SciBite

We believe data fuels discovery. Our mission is to help you innovate and get more from your data.

Our vision

Big data analytics, scientific search and literature analysis – for too long, it has been a challenge to integrate, extract and analyse knowledge locked within unstructured biomedical text.

Increasing volumes and varieties and sources of information are only adding to the problem.

We think it’s about time things changed for the better

Our data-first, award-winning semantic analytics software is for those who want to innovate and get more from their data. Built by scientists for scientists, we believe data fuels discovery and continue to push boundaries with our cutting-edge technology applications and people-first solutions that unlock the complexities of scientific content.

Our approach

Leading the way by pioneering the combination of the latest in machine learning with an ontology-led approach, our semantic infrastructure answers business-critical questions in real-time by releasing the value and full potential of unstructured data.

Supporting the world’s leading scientific organizations with use cases from discovery through to development, our solutions understand the complexity and variability of scientific content, yet are still simple to use.

We empower our customers with a powerful platform that can quickly identify and extract scientific terminology from unstructured text and transform it into valuable machine-readable clean data.

Flexibility is key

Our suite of fast, flexible, deployable API technologies empowers customers, making it a critical component in scientific, data-led strategies.

Multiple deployment options from pre-built end-user applications through to 3rd party application integration mean that the value of semantics can now reach a much broader audience than ever before.

Our solutions

Whether it’s large-scale analysis of biomedical literature or the enrichment of existing software infrastructures, our semantic solutions can and should play an integral part in all.

We have a blend of use cases across life sciences, from comprehensive competitive intelligence monitoring in real time to unlocking the value of your bioassay data or the full potential of ELN data, we can help with it all.

We believe in partnerships and will happily work with or to enrich 3rd party offerings to ensure you, as the customer, see more value in your existing investments whilst we can focus on our primary mission in bringing the power of semantics to a wider audience.

Our platform

Our core technologies help our customers from start to finish maximize the value of their data. By helping them model their own internal data through various internal taxonomies, product codes, and proprietary internal lists, they might already have, right the way through to if they’re already using ontologies.

Our user-friendly, efficient, and robust solutions, including CENtree, our collaborative ontology management platform, use the power of machine learning techniques to support the process of curating and enriching both internal and external ontologies.

Once the data is modeled, this is where we help semantically annotate and enrich data using vocabularies and ontologies through semantic text analysis and named entity recognition.

At the core of it all is TERMite, our named entity recognition (NER) and extraction engine. Coupled with our expert-tuned VOCabs that identify many millions of biomedical terms, it can recognize and extract relevant terms found in scientific text, transforming unstructured content into rich, machine-readable clean data.

Our next-generation scientific search and analytics platform SciBite Search offers powerful interrogation and analysis capabilities across both structured and unstructured public data and proprietary sources. Utilising SciBite’s robust suite of ontologies, SciBite Search automates semantic enrichment and annotation, transforming unstructured scientific text into clean, contextualized data free from ambiguities like synonyms or cryptic data such as project codes and drug abbreviations.

Simple in design and deployment, our core technologies can be accessed directly via their end-user interfaces, programmatically through their APIs, or embedded into 3rd party architecture as a semantic layer.

Our culture

Openness to new ideas – from whatever source – and genuinely collaborative working is our approach to best manage the ever-changing environment in which we work.

This change is only compounded by new and disruptive technology, yet along the way are many opportunities and many pitfalls.

With headquarters in the UK, we support our global customer base with additional sites in the US and Japan.

Explore our use cases or get in touch with the team to understand the impact of our technology in the real world.

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