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Meet our management team who lead and inspire our global company mission.

  • Headshot of Neal Dunkinson, SciBite

    Neal Dunkinson

    Vice President Solutions & Professional Services

    Neal plays a crucial role at SciBite, overseeing the smooth running of operations across the whole business ensuring communication and optimum performance can be achieved both internally and externally. With an MSc in Genetic Epidemiology, Neal has been in the life sciences industry for over 15 years, gaining valuable experience building and leading teams and supporting customer relationships during various consulting, sales and analytics roles within Thomson Reuters and Dassault Systems.

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  • Headshot of Julien Debeauvais, SciBIte

    Julien Debeauvais

    Vice President Sales & Alliances

    Heading up the Sales and Partnerships side of the business, Julien and his team work side by side life sciences organisations across the globe to help them transform the way they leverage scientific text for decision making. With an MSc in Business Administration and Management and over 13 years’ experience in various roles within the life sciences sector, most notably leading the EMEA Strategic Account Team within the life sciences division of Thomson Reuters.

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  • Headshot of Michael Hughes, SciBite

    Michael Hughes

    Head of Data Science

    With an extensive background of over 15 years’ experience within Bioinformatics and Text Analytics and an MSc in Biosystems and Informatics, Michael’s experience working with data in the life sciences domain includes roles as a Data Scientist within Unilever’s Toxicology group and as a Senior Text Analytics Consultant for Thomson Reuters. Currently heading up our team of data scientists, Michael’s team play an integral part in many of our exciting customer projects providing valuable insight.

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  • Headshot of Phil Verdemato, SciBite

    Phil Verdemato

    Head of Software Engineering

    Currently heading up our Software Engineering team, Phil has been a part of the SciBite team since the very beginning of its journey into the semantic technology space, playing a key role in many of our technological advancements. Having spent most of his career writing code within the life sciences space, including architectural and innovation roles at Inpharmatica, Pfizer and Thomson Reuters, Phil holds a PhD in BioPhysics and an M.Res. in Bioinformatics.

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  • Headshot of Jane Lomax, SciBite

    Jane Lomax

    Head of Ontologies

    Jane leads the development of SciBite’s vocabularies and ontology services. With a PhD in Genetics from Cambridge University and 15 years’ experience working with biomedical ontologies, including at the EBI and Sanger Institute, where she focussed on bioinformatics and developing biomedical ontologies. She has published over 35 scientific papers, mainly in the area of ontology development, and contributed to public ontology projects including Pistoia Ontology Mapping Project and is on the Executive Committee for the International Society of Biocuration.

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  • Headshot of Joe McCarthy, SciBite

    Joe McCarthy

    Senior Director Sales & Operations - North America

    Joe oversees the company’s presence and growth within the US market, leading the sales and operations within our North American side of the business. Prior to SciBite, Joe spent eight years at Thomson Reuters, followed by Clarivate Analytics (the spin-out of TR’s IP & Science business unit), in sales and sales leadership roles managing the North American strategic account management team. Joe earned his J.D. from Suffolk University Law School in Boston.

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  • Headshot of Ben Jones, SciBite

    Ben Jones

    EMEA Sales Director

    Having spent most of his career within the pharmaceutical industry, Ben started out as a researcher and later transitioned into commercial roles, including EMEA Sales Team Manager for Strategic Accounts at Thomson Reuters. Ben’s most recent role saw him briefly step away from the pharmaceutical industry at RELX agricultural division where him and his team developed and sold data insight products to lower the use of chemical inputs into the environment. At SciBite, Ben leads our sales growth in Europe as we continue expanding our footprint.

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  • Headshot of John Bolger, SciBite

    John Bolger

    General Manager - Japan

    John heads up our presence and operations within the Japan market. Tasked with introducing the Japanese pharmaceutical world to the new possibilities and benefits opened up by SciBite’s semantic technology. Originally a software developer from the UK, John has lived and worked in Japan within the pharmaceutical industry for over 20 years, where he founded his own company Matador Japan KK specialising in building a bridgehead in Japan for technology companies.

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  • Headshot of Jen Clelland, SciBite

    Jen Clelland

    Head of Human Resources

    Joining SciBite back in 2017, Jen manages all of our human resource functions supporting the rapid growth of the business, including overseeing the hiring of new staff and generally serving as a key link between our management teams and all employees. With over 7 years’ experience within administrative and supporting roles, Jen has focussed her career within HR for the past five years.

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