Gartner® Predicts 2024: Generative AI Brings New Value to Life Sciences

During 2023, it was evident that life science organizations have deployed GenAI initiatives across various business functions. According to a Gartner report, "Forty-five percent say their organization is using GenAI in two or more functions."1.

However, amidst this rapid adoption, challenges persist, and one notable area of concern is the common occurrence of failures in AI-generated drugs. The promise of GenAI in accelerating drug discovery and development has been met with hurdles, particularly as these innovations transition from preclinical to clinical trials.

The Gartner report, “Predicts 2024: Generative AI brings new value to life sciences,” sheds light on these challenges and how technology leaders can use these predictions to prepare for these advances.

The GenAI Core Capabilities For Life Sciences Include_ (1) Content Creation And Development, (2) Content Discovery And Synthesis, (3) Conversation, And (4) Simulation  Generative AI Has Elevated AI Discussions To

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Key areas where advancements and strategic considerations are crucial:

• Content discovery and synthesis: Ensuring analytical rigor and AI governance to enhance drug development success.
• Content creation and development: Accelerating drug discovery and computational research approaches.
• Simulation: Enhancing sales representative efficiency through human-centered AI in commercial interactions.
• Conversation: Embracing a holistic approach to stewarding assets for a competitive edge.

Access this complimentary report, “Predicts 2024: Generative AI brings new value to life sciences,” Life science organizations are embracing advanced technologies, including AI, automation and digitization, to drive greater efficiency, productivity and sustainability across the entire value chain. CIOs can use these predictions to prepare for how these advances will shape the industry.

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Gartner, Predicts 2024: Generative AI Brings New Value to Life Sciences, Reuben Harwood, Animesh Gandhi, Michael Shanler, Jeff Smith, 10 January 2024

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