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Can you be sure you aren’t missing critical information about your disease, target or compound of interest?

With scientific content available from an ever-increasing number of sources, it’s difficult to know where to start. Anyone needing to perform an in-depth analysis of the huge volume data at their disposal would need to prepare multiple detailed searches across many different sources to ensure they don’t miss something important.

Developing a good search strategy is challenging and time-consuming to construct, maintain, and iteratively improve. Most search tools are limited to exact matches of what was written by the author, resulting in high risk that something important will be missed.

For example, an article describing work on the estrogen receptor ESTRB will not be found by anyone searching for the commonly used synonyms ESR2 or NR3A2.

Building on our expertise in delivering clean, high-quality data, SciBite gives you access to the power of semantic analysis search. Our user-friendly solution tailors your search experience to your needs, suggests relevant query terms as you type, and ensures that all relevant data is found, regardless of which synonym you use as your search term.

Supporting a wide range of use cases, from identifying new drug discovery opportunities to monitoring the competitive landscape for a disease of interest, SciBite delivers a paradigm shift in achieving comprehensive data intelligence.

SciBite Search

Our next-generation scientific search and analytics platform offers powerful interrogation and analysis capabilities across both structured and unstructured public data and proprietary sources. Visit the SciBite Search page to learn more.

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Use cases

Semantics in enterprise search
[Use Case]

To become more information-driven, pharmaceutical companies are turning to enterprise search technologies to make faster, more informed decisions based on the most relevant information available to them. Enterprise search platforms provide the scalable, high performance infrastructure to enable secure access to millions of documents from across the whole organisation and deliver content analytics from a single portal.

However, users can typically only search for exactly what was written by the author of a document. The inconsistent use of synonyms during data entry makes it difficult to identify and collate all relevant data related to a topic of interest.

Through semantic enrichment, SciBite brings scientific understanding to enterprise search, enabling it to ‘understand’ scientific concepts within unstructured text. This opens unparalleled access to drug discovery intelligence and vast amounts of knowledge and ensures users are better informed, without overloading them with information.

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Comprehensive competitive intelligence monitoring in real time [Use case]

Most pharmaceutical companies struggle to maintain an up-to-date awareness of the latest biomedical research relevant to their own therapeutic programmes. Competitor intelligence monitoring typically involves a manual approach involving the time consuming, piecemeal review of a small range of data sources.

However, the exponentially growing amount of literature and increasingly diverse range of sources make it almost impossible to maintain a comprehensive and up-to-date understanding. The result is that the legacy approach to literature scanning is no longer practical.

SciBite’s resource-effective solution uses semantic analytics to reduce both the time and uncertainty involved in evaluating the vast body of research and news to track trends, gain early insight into potentially ground-breaking scientific advances.

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Enabling a modern, efficient approach to pharmacovigilance [Use Case]

Regulatory bodies expect pharmaceutical companies to maintain an up-to-date awareness of the safety implications of not only their own drugs but also those from the same drug class and with the same target that are marketed by competitors. Comprehensive, systematic monitoring is required in order to detect, validate and act upon new adverse events as early as possible.

This places significant demands on Pharmacovigilance teams, who are challenged to maintain safety and compliance amid increasingly stringent, globally diverse regulations. The legacy approach, involving manually scanning biomedical sources, is prohibitively time consuming, has a high risk of missing safety signals and is no longer a viable option.

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