What’s new in CENtree 1.4:
Making ontology management simple

Find out what's new in CENtree 1.4, the latest release of the enterprise ready multi-user ontology management platform for browsing and managing ontologies.

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Ontologies are a set of concepts and categories in a subject area or domain that show their properties and the relations between them [1]. In the life sciences, managing multiple and evolving ontologies from public and proprietary sources requires significant effort and presents organisations with challenges around control and interoperability.

We’re pleased to announce the latest 1.4 release of CENtree, our enterprise ready multi-user ontology management platform for browsing and managing ontologies. Ontologies are invaluable in a whole host of applications; as knowledge stores, the semantic enrichment of unstructured data, or knowledge graph inferencing. This latest release makes deploying and accessing public and internal data standards across your organisations faster and easier.

Build your ontology team

Management of master data across organizations has long proved to be challenging. CENtree users can be assigned to groups based on ontologies and role based permissions, quickly providing finite control of who can access and edit data.

Manage ontology versions

Join the latest version of an ontology with the version in CENtree using the Interactive Versioning feature. Designed with the user in mind, this interface allows you to select which term or property will be displayed between the two versions.

Access axioms

CENtree uses the highly expressive OWL model for storing ontologies, meaning that you can visualize richer semantic descriptions of terms in ontologies with advanced OWL features, providing a better understanding of how an ontology is constructed.

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[1] Google’s English dictionary is provided by Oxford Languages

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