SciBite announces the release of CENtree 2.0.1

In this blog we announce the 2.0.1 release of CENtree, SciBite’s ontology management platform, which sees the introduction of features that enable you and your team greater control over managing and deploying ontologies in your applications, and a closer integration with TERMite.

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SciBite announces the release of CENtree 2.0.1

We’re excited to announce the 2.0.1 release of CENtree, SciBite’s enterprise-wide ontology management tool, which helps organisations develop a shared understanding of their data, making it ready for reuse and analysis.

CENtree helps organizations develop a shared understanding of their data, ensuring it is ready for reuse and analysis now and into the future.
This release includes features that enable greater control over editing, managing, and deploying ontologies, as well as a closer integration with TERMite, SciBite’s Named Entity Recognition engine.

Use CENtree to configure ontologies for TERMite

CENtree 2.0.1 brings together a number of features that enable you to optimize how your ontology is configured to support named entity recognition in TERMite. We’re introducing the ability to:

  • Set global directives in CENtree, rules that determine the matching capability of TERMite across a whole vocabulary.
  • Add annotation tags to an ontology, including switches to synonyms, tags that control how TERMite view specific terms. For example, being able to specify an exact match, or find pluralised versions of a term.

Configure ontologies for your needs

This release introduces features that afford you greater control when editing and searching your ontologies. This includes the ability to add custom tags to annotation values (for example, assigning different language tags to a label or synonym), richer semantic relationship types for synonyms and ontology mappings (for example, broader or narrow synonyms), and a simpler process for updating ontology metadata.

Work faster with bulk operations

From configuring ontology Unique Resource Identifiers (URIs), to resolving multiple edits when incorporating a new source ontology, performing large numbers of operations is quick and simple with CENtree.

Expanded ontology management features

It’s now even easier to create application ontologies, where new ontologies can be built and managed based on whole or parts of other ontologies to suite an individual application use-case.

If you want to find out more about the latest release of CENtree 2.0.1, simply get in touch with the team at [email protected]

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