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Unlocking insight from medical publications
[SciBite + Sinequa Webinar]

Search and data intelligence

The challenge is to get information into the hands of knowledge workers. The data-driven enterprise typically does this by relying on the effort of those workers. This imposes a cognitive burden, which refers to the extra thought and effort that we humans require to evaluate the available options and make optimal decisions.

Sinequa provides a search and insight platform to reduce this burden, incorporating the depth of over 25 years of linguistics research as well as the latest text analytics technology, including that of semantic software solutions provider SciBite. These layers of analysis are applied to extract meaning from unstructured text and are then brought together to provide the most relevant and accurate results.

The partnership between Sinequa and SciBite allows the application of relevant semantic enrichment over a life science company’s entire document collection as well as public data such as PubMed, patents, grant applications, and so on.

During this webinar we will be demonstrating the combination in action over a corpus of 25 million documents.

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