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FAIR knowledge graphs that go beyond title and abstract with full text [SciBite + Elsevier Webinar]

Data Cleansing Pre Processing

Together, Elsevier and SciBite have at our fingertips extensive and deep content coupled with cutting-edge semantic technologies and services. This combination represents complementary elements of a data framework:

  • Technology that shifts the balance of data science away from data cleaning, organizing and annotating to improved scientific interpretation- .offering you a scalable approach to FAIR at a high level of scientific accuracy
  • Full-text content that supplements open-source data to enrich the information landscape used in knowledge graph construction and AI-based modelling
  • Service consultants with expertise in both the life sciences domains and the data science arena so your requirements are better understood and time to value is accelerated

Join Tom Woodcock, Technical Consultant with SciBite and former Data Science Consultant in Elsevier’s Professional Services group for a 20 minute presentation followed by Q&A.

Learn how, together, we can propel your digital transformation with the data, software, and service expertise to make large-scale clean data an opportunity, not a hurdle.

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