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SciBite is real-time drug discovery / pharma information portal, providing live news on competitor intelligence for pharma, biopharma and biotech companies, their drugs, targets and pipelines. Its Like Twitter® For Pharma , monitoring new publications, patents, grants, news, blogs and much more every minute, every day. Try it right now, enter a topic term below:

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The data at is produced used a next-generation text mining tool, known as TERMite (Term-Identification, Tagging & Extraction).

  • Termite deals with the ambiguity of real-world biomedical text to provide superior results
  • It provides an unparalleled set of annotation modules covering >20 biomedical classes such as genes, drugs, diseases, cells, tissues, adverse events
  • It is designed for both human use, in scripts, workflow tools and via a GUI as well as embedding within other software such as Enterprise Search and ELNs

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