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Mastering enterprise level ontologies for people and applications [Webinar]

How Ontologies and Machine Learning Work Together

Hear from our Chief Technology Officer and Product Manager Andy Balfe during this webinar as they provide a live demonstration of how we support the use of ontologies for a much broader audience and range of downstream applications than ever before.

Ontologies have become the de facto standard for many approaches to sharing metadata across the sciences and form a critical component of the FAIR data mantra. However, their complexity typically means they are maintained by ontology experts using specialist tools.

CENtree, SciBite’s enterprise ontology management software, empowers organisations looking to improve the reusability and findability of their metadata by thinking about the broader audience – in terms of both the scientists and the applications.

During this webinar you will learn how to:

  • Access CENtree across your enterprise, and flexibly manage multi-user permissions
  • Quickly create and update ‘application ontologies’ for deployment in downstream applications using the RESTful API
  • Navigate across CENtree’s intuitive interface to visualize an ontology classes, relationships and properties, including the new graph view
  • Manage the lifecycle of consuming, internally developing, and bringing in updates form the many public ontologies used as standards

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