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Semantic analytics: A systematic, data-driven approach to drug repositioning [Whitepaper]

Semantic Analytics: A Systematic, Data-Driven Approach to Drug Repositioning Whitepaper

A growing number of pharmaceutical companies are turning to Drug Repositioning as cost-effective alternative to de novo drug development. Their goal is to discover new uses for drugs to treat clinical indications other than those for which they were originally intended and to accelerate the provision of new, safe treatments to underserved patient communities.

However, traditional approaches to Drug Repositioning rely on structured data sources, sometimes supplemented by searches of the literature. Due to the manual, time consuming nature of such searches, they are limited in scope and miss potentially important information.

Semantic analytics facilitates the rapid identification of drug-target-indication relationships from a wide range of heterogeneous and cross-disciplinary sources. The SciBite Platform makes semantic analytics accessible to pharmaceutical companies, expedites the identification and prioritisation of all possible repositioning options associated with one or more drugs of interest and ensures decisions are based on all the available evidence.

To find out more, download the full whitepaper.

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