Our uncompromising use of innovative semantic technology makes unlocking knowledge and data simple. Whether it’s large scale analysis of biomedical literature or the enrichment of existing software infrastructures, our semantic solutions can transform your data.

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Text Analytics + Semantic Enrichment

News and opinion

  1. AI based chat application for life sciences:
    Part II role of ontologies

    Explore the vital role of ontologies in enhancing AI-based chat applications for life sciences, with a focus on improving transparency and data meaning.

  2. Ontology mapping:
    Finding the right automated approach

    Ontologies are crucial for unlocking information. However, similar types have been created for different needs, reducing their interoperability. In this blog, we look at some of the automated approaches for large-volume ontology mapping.

  3. Novelty in life science: Looking into the unseen

    Image and link to LinkedIn profile of blog author Zahra Hosseini

    In life science research, navigating the complexities of innovation is crucial for breakthroughs. SciBite’s Novelty model, a sophisticated Machine Learning classifier, distinguishes true innovation in scientific texts.


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