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The importance of curated vocabularies for an effective content & data strategy
[SciBite + CCC Webinar]

Text analytics + semantic enrichment

In this webinar, SciBite and our partner Copyright Clearance Center (CCC) showcase the benefits of managing a data strategy enhanced with curated vocabularies.

Managing content and data assets across the enterprise is a top priority for cutting-edge knowledge and information professionals. But for content and data to be beneficial, it needs to be easily discoverable and accessible, which isn’t always the case for R&D intensive organisations.

Hear from SciBite and Copyright Clearance Center (CCC) to learn about the benefits of managing a data strategy enhanced with curated vocabularies.

We discuss:

  • Powering your search tools with curated vocabularies, and its benefits for end users
  • How to select the right vocabularies for your organization – and why it’s critical to your overall strategy
  • Uncovering which vocabularies will be most benefit to aggregated data sets, featuring real use cases from SciBite

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