Contextualising scientific search
[SciBite, Sinequa + Pfizer webinar]

Semantic Search

Effectively navigating and utilising huge volumes of internal and external data remains aspirational for many large pharmaceutical organisations and this hinders innovation.

In the life-sciences, data is typically unstructured, and language is ambiguous, making keyword-based search and analytics unreliable.

Contextualising the data by mapping key terms and concepts back to ontologies, public standards or proprietary terminology enables this complex data to be found, accessed and used interoperably to support downstream applications.

In this webinar, learn how Pfizer is driving scientific innovation using internal compound search as an exemplar use case. SciBite and Sinequa are supporting this at an enterprise-wide scale through our ongoing partnership.


  • Barbara Peters, Senior Manager at Pfizer
  • Steve Penn, Director, Medicinal Sciences Information Strategy Lead at Pfizer
  • Sam Shelton, Partnership Manager at SciBite
  • Jeff Evernham, VP, Product Strategy at Sinequa

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