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Unleashing knowledge through SciBite technology
[SciBite + Chr. Hansen webinar]

semantic enrichment

Hear from Chr. Hansen’s Head of Library, Jan Hansen and Senior Principal Scientist, Morten Meldgaard as they tell the story of how Chr. Hansen seized on an opportunity; successfully using SciBite’s technology to enable an established system (eg. Electronic Lab Notebooks) to empower scientists with semantic search.

A cornerstone to the R&D strategy of Chr. Hansen A/S, the bioscience-based food ingredient company, is to establish capabilities within big data to enable a step change in data-driven innovation. Typically speaking, new innovations are built on top of what is already known – “If we can just find what we already know!” This is where SciBite’s data first technology solutions came to the rescue.

During this webinar, Chr. Hansen will also share their learnings that were collected along the journey. Furthermore, they will discuss some of the challenges faced, such as the need for a change in mindset and habits of scientists to ensure that semantic search is used to its full potential. You will also hear from SciBite’s Lead Technical Consultant, Joe Mullen as he gives an overview of the SciBite technology Chr. Hansen utilised.

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