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TERMite datasheet

Text analytics + semantic enrichment

TERMite (TERM identification, tagging & extraction) is the ultra-fast named entity recognition (NER) and extraction engine at the heart of our semantic analytics software suite.

We developed TERMite to rapidly scans and semantically annotates raw text (up to 1 million words per second) with entities from over 50 biopharma and biomedical topics. The entities are drawn from VOCabs, which is SciBite’s flagship collection of manually curated vocabularies with >20 million synonyms, specifically tuned for NER text analytics. Since VOCabs are based on public ontologies, such as gene ontology, tagging entities with TERMite will map your data to those ontologies, align data to public standards, and improve data interoperability.

To read more, download the full product datasheet.

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