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Using SciBite Search for scientific question-answering [Webinar]

Semantic Search

As scientists and companies produce more content and data there is a need for better solutions to provide answers as people search for information.  SciBite Search is a next-generation search solution designed to address these Question-Answering (Q&A) needs along with being a one-stop semantic search solution to interrogate unstructured and structured data from public and proprietary sources.

Being a search application SciBite Search will provide search results pages that list documents or sentences relevant to an end-user’s search query, but SciBite Search can also be customised to surface answers to complex questions in knowledge panels alongside the search results list.  The SciBite Search Intents feature can be triggered to answer factoid Q&A to more complex Q&A such as “phase 4 drugs for dementia”, “all regulators of kat8”, and “mechanism of action of Viagra on pde5a”.

In this webinar, learn how SciBite’ s API-first approach together with the plethora of other features and functions, SciBite Search is a powerful and smarter biomedical search platform that can also be integrated into customer environments to address customer-specific needs.  This search solution can also be extended beyond the biomedical domain with appropriate investment in alternate domain-specific vocabularies

George Jiang, Product Manager, SciBite

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