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How Integra Life Sciences gets faster insights from scientific literature [SciBite + CCC webinar]

Text Analytics + Semantic Enrichment

Scientific literature is a necessity for data-driven, life-science organizations, but the processes to manage and access that information often vary depending on job function or individual departmental preferences. 

In this half-hour session, join Copyright Clearance Center and SciBite as we hear from Nick Consales, Information Resource Manager at Integra LifeSciences, about the strategies and technology being deployed across the organization that is resulting in a faster, more unified approach to finding and gleaning insights from scientific information. 

Attend this webinar to learn about: 

  • The benefits of an enterprise-wide literature management strategy 
  • Strategies to enable researchers to quickly find relevant scientific literature
  • Use cases for semantic tools that help users across different job functions (like medical affairs and competitive intelligence) get relevant information faster


  • Nick Consales, Information Resource Manager at Inegra LifeSciences
  • Christine McCarty, Product Marketing Director for Corporate Solutions at CCC
  • Sam Shelton, Partnership Manager at SciBite

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