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Getting analysis-ready: Overcoming barriers to real world data-driven insights in healthcare [SciBite + DNAnexus webinar]

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Medical centers are at the forefront of a health data revolution, as each patient’s digital footprint now has the potential to contain many layers of complex multi-modal data that capture an entire journey from diagnosis through treatment. This wealth of data opens an opportunity to better understand disease, develop new therapeutics, and offer personalized treatment to individual patients at an unprecedented pace and scale – but getting the data ready for analysis is a daunting task.

This brief presentation will address key challenges in multi-modal data management and harmonization, including technical considerations for setting up a clinico-omic data platform that is equipped to standardize, structure, and link data from disparate sources.  SciBite and DNAnexus will share insights from their combined experience and demonstrate how their respective platforms can enable medical centers to maximize Real World Data-driven insights.

In this session, we discuss the following:

  • Identify common challenges and technical considerations in implementing an enterprise clinico-omic data platform.
  • Show an example solution that leverages currently available platforms and applications.
  • Provide practical next steps for medical centers who aspire to maximize the potential of their multi-modal data.


  • Arvind Swaminathan, Technical Consultant at SciBite
  • Nirav Amin, Director, Solution Science at DNAnexus

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