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Bio-IT World Innovative Practices Award – SciBite and City of Hope presentation [Webinar]

Bio-IT World Innovative Practices Award 2023 Presentation

POSEIDON – Precision Oncology Software Environment Interoperable Data Ontologies Network

Neal Dunkinson, VP Solutions & Professional Services, and Samir Courdy, Senior VP Informatics, present “POSEIDON – Precision Oncology Software Environment Interoperable Data Ontologies Network” at the Bio-IT World Innovative Practices Award 2023. The presentation showcases POSEIDON’s role in enabling interoperability and data integration for precision oncology through a network of ontologies.

Presentation Overview

Precision Oncology Software Environment Interoperable Data Ontologies Network (POSEIDON) is an enterprise-wide data platform developed by The City of Hope Research Informatics and the Center for Precision Medicine to support their precision medicine program.

Built on the DNAnexus technology stack with custom features and functionality created by City of Hope Research Informatics, POSEIDON unifies patient data and comprehensive germline and somatic genomic profiling for every patient, supporting data from more than 670,000 patients.

Within the POSEIDON platform, SciBite supports We are nominating COH for the data harmonization; with data standards being managed with CENtree, SciBite’s award-winning ontology management platform, and normalization being provided by SciBite’s named entity recognition engine, TERMite.

POSEIDON enables de-identified and harmonized clinical and multi-omic data to be analysed and visualised by researchers, supporting cohort discovery and exploration as well as preliminary feasibility testing to derive patient specific insights from real-world data (RWD) and real-world evidence (RWE). POSEIDON supports clinico-genomic research at City of Hope, driving the development of more effective therapeutics and improving outcomes.

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