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Bio-IT World 2023 – SciBite CENtree presentation [Webinar]

Simon Jupp, Head of Semantics Technologies at SciBite, presents

CENtree – Enterprise Ontology and Terminology Management System for FAIR data

Simon Jupp, Head of Semantics Technologies at SciBite, presents “CENtree: Enterprise Ontology and Terminology Management System for FAIR Data” at Bio-IT World 2023. The talk highlights CENtree’s role in managing ontologies and terminologies, ensuring FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable) data standards for improved data integration and analysis.


As industries increasingly adopt a data-centric approach to asset management and recognize the value of FAIR principles, the need for shared ontology and terminology standards becomes more evident. However, managing terminologies at scale poses various challenges, including accurately representing a domain’s terminology, deploying and sharing ontologies, version control, change management, and user governance.

CENtree, an enterprise ontology management software developed by SciBite, provides a collaborative environment for creating, managing, and sharing ontologies via a user-friendly interface and a rich API for integration with other applications. It provides simple access to public ontologies from the healthcare and life science domain, and lets you easily extend, combine and align these with internal proprietary vocabularies.

CENtree has been successfully deployed at an enterprise level across multiple pharma companies, as well as used extensively within SciBite and Elsevier. This talk will discuss the motivation behind CENtree, its features, and best practices for managing ontologies.

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