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The benefits and applications of democratized ontology management [Use Case]

Ontology management

Ontologies play a critical role in semantic enrichment, enabling unstructured scientific text to be transformed into clean, contextualised data which can be understood and exploited by computational approaches, such as machine learning.

Historically, maintaining multiple, evolving ontologies from both public and proprietary sources, has been a complex undertaking, requiring significant ontology expertise. This has presented a bottleneck for most organizations and undermines the concept that an ontology should represent a shared understanding between experts.

SciBite has developed CENtree to address these ontology management challenges and to enable ontologies to be used by a much broader audience and range of applications.

Here we describe SciBite’s integrated approach to simple, collaborative, and robust ontology management and present example use cases of just some of the many ways which illustrate how CENtree can overcome common challenges associated with the management and application of ontologies.

To learn more, download the full use case.

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