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SciBite exists to develop technology to unlock previously inaccessible data and knowledge from life science texts. We make extracting and analyzing data and information more straightforward, so you can continue to push your industry’s understanding forward. Understand the full breadth of our semantic platform and how it can transform your data.


Expert Ontology Services

A cost-effective route to augment your data science team

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CENtree Ontology Manager

Build the foundations for data sharing with our collaborative ontology management platform

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DOCstore Semantic Search Engine

Semantic search evolved

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Take the effort out of tabular data curation

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News and opinion

  1. Streamlining data-intensive scientific workflows through FAIR data

    Streamlining data-intensive scientific workflows and supply chains through FAIR data, data models and applications – A collaboration between L7 Informatics and SciBite. With increasingly complex manufacturing and supply chains in the life sciences, there is a requirement for flexible and extensible tools to support data management.

  2. Revolutionizing Life Sciences: The incredible impact of AI in Life Science [Part 2]

    As discussed in part 1, Artificial intelligence (AI) has revolutionized several areas in life sciences, including disease diagnosis and drug discovery. In this second blog, we introduce some specific text-based models whilst also discussing the challenges and future impact of AI in Life Science.

  3. SciBite launches Workbench –
    Taking the effort out of tabular data curation

    SciBite, a leading provider of semantic technology solutions, has today announced the launch of Workbench, a structured data annotation tool that simplifies the process of curating data to terminology and ontology standards.


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