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SciBite exists to develop technology to unlock previously inaccessible data and knowledge from life science texts. We make extracting and analyzing data and information more straightforward, so you can continue to push your industry’s understanding forward. Understand the full breadth of our semantic platform and how it can transform your data.


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CENtree Ontology Manager

Build the foundations for data sharing with our collaborative ontology management platform

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Take the effort out of tabular data curation

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News and opinion

  1. Novelty in life science: Looking into the unseen

    Image and link to LinkedIn profile of blog author Zahra Hosseini

    In life science research, navigating the complexities of innovation is crucial for breakthroughs. SciBite’s Novelty model, a sophisticated Machine Learning classifier, distinguishes true innovation in scientific texts.

  2. AI based chat application for life sciences:
    Part I key considerations

    Are your teams now posing potentially confidential questions to consumer tools such as Bard and ChatGPT, relying on their responses?

  3. Ontology mapping: Advancing data interoperability

    Ontologies are crucial in unlocking information that helps fuel innovation. However, similar ontologies have emerged within the same domain, making it difficult for researchers to identify the right ontology to choose. Here we look at some of the complexities and strategies for handling ontology mappings.


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