Articles tagged: Semantic enrichment

  1. Leveraging semantics for effective navigation of scientific content

    A Copyright Clearance Center & SciBite Perspective - In an increasingly data-driven society, it can be overwhelming to keep your knowledge base current and effectively utilize data. The result in many organisations is underutilising the data and content available to them.

  2. Introducing efficiencies into the scientific reading experience

    First and foremost, researchers need access to a corpus of scientific literature and secondly, they need a robust and reproducible way to search that content. Through partnership, SciBite and Copyright Clearance Center bring together scientific content and advanced search capabilities.

  3. The powerful combination of semantics-based Machine Learning and domain expertise

    In this blog hear about SciBite's recent talk at Pistoia Alliance’s Spring Virtual Conference on semantics-based machine learning and domain expertise on a day dedicated to emerging science and technologies.

  4. Sprinkling a little semantic enrichment into your data catalog

    This blog focuses on the use and value of data catalogs and Master Data Management (MDM) tools and how the additional layer of Semantics is required in order to truly see their value for enterprises looking to manage their data better.

  5. The benefits of semantically enriching document mining for chemists

    In this blog post, learn more about how our partner ChemAxon have integrated SciBite’s ultrafast named entity recognition (NER) and extraction engine solution, TERMite, into their leading cheminformatics platform, and how this can benefit your organisations informatics architecture.

  6. The pivotal role of semantic enrichment in the evolution of data commons

    In this blog post, discover how Pfizer have integrated SciBite’s semantically enriched vocabularies into their Data Commons project, which has the goal of enabling scientists to develop and refine hypotheses by investigating correlations between genetic and phenotypic data.

  7. How semantic enrichment technology is changing the way we search

    In our latest blog we discuss the challenges life sciences companies, like LifeArc, face in keeping up-to-date with scientific literature, and how semantic enrichment technology can automate this process to reduce the time spent mining data by up to 80%.

  8. Taking semantic search to full text

    Guest post from CCC, leader in creating global licensing and full content solutions, on the advantage of full text for semantic search.


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