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  1. Girls in Tech – SciBite/Elsevier initiative to inspire the next generation of young women in tech

    Image and link to LinkedIn profile of blog author Helen Potts

    In a world where technology plays an increasingly pivotal role in shaping our lives, it is crucial to recognize the contributions of women and the importance of empowering the next generation of female tech professionals.

  2. A report from the Biocuration 2023 Conference in Padua, Italy

    The Biocuration Conference this year was held in the beautiful historic town of Padua in the Veneto region of Italy, renowned for its ancient University and picturesque old town. The stylish and relaxed atmosphere was the perfect place for catching up with old friends and establishing new connections and collaborations.

  3. Double recognition for SciBite in Bio-IT World Innovative Practices Awards 2023

    Image of Blog Author Richard Harrison

    SciBite has won the Innovative Practice Award at Bio-IT World 2023 for its collaboration with the City of Hope and also for its pivotal role as the ontology ecosystem in AbbVie’s Innovative Practices Award win.

  4. A review of the Pistoia Alliance Spring Conference 2023

    Last week SciBite was lucky enough to attend, and present at, the Pistoia Alliance Annual Spring Conference ‘23, held at the fantastic Leonardo Royal Hotel, St. Pauls, London. Read the thoughts of our Director of Technical Consultants, Joe Mullen

  5. SciBite named ‘Best of Show’ at Bio-IT World 2022 for CENtree

    SciBite’s ontology management platform CENtree won ‘Best of Show” at this year’s Bio-IT World 2022. Build the foundations for data sharing with our collaborative ontology management platform.

  6. SKOS in CENtree: Further support in our latest 2.1 release

    At SciBite terminologies underpin all that we do. There are many ways to represent and build a standardised terminology, each with different levels of complexity. On one hand you have simple, informal, lightweight terminologies (e.g., glossaries, dictionaries, and thesauri), where the meaning (semantics) of terms is captured using natural language.

  7. Elsevier acquires SciBite to accelerate solutions for life sciences and corporate R&D industries

    Elsevier, a global research publishing and information analytics provider, and part of RELX, has acquired SciBite, a semantic AI company headquartered in Cambridge, UK, to help customers make faster, more effective R&D decisions through advanced text and data intelligence solutions.

  8. SciBite wins Queen’s Award: Enterprise in Innovation

    SciBite, the data first, semantic analytics software company, today announced being named as a winner of the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Innovation – the highest official UK awards for businesses.

  9. SciBite announced as fastest-growing company in Pharma Fast 50

    SciBite was named the fastest-growing company identified in this year’s Alantra Pharma Fast 50, an annual ranking of privately-owned pharmaceutical businesses in the UK based on growth speed.

  10. SciBite wins Queen’s Award: Enterprise in International Trade

    SciBite today announced being named as a winner of the Queen’s Award: Enterprise in International Trade – the highest official UK awards for businesses.

  11. SciBite announced as best of show award finalists for Bio-IT World 2019

    SciBite has been shortlisted for Bio-IT World 2019’s prestigious Best of Show Award.

  12. SciBite announced as finalists in Bio-IT World 2019’s Innovative Practices Awards

    SciBite's innovative project with LifeArc has been shortlisted for Bio-IT World’s inaugural Innovative Practices Awards 2019.

  13. SciBite wins the British Business Award for Innovation

    The scoop on our latest award!

  14. SciBite becomes new Pistoia Alliance member

    SciBite are delighted to join the Pistoia Alliance helping to address some of the challenges faced with big data in Global Life Sciences R&D. We look forward to meeting all the attending members at the European Conference starting tomorrow.


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