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  1. How SciBite and Elsevier manage KOL identification

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    Identifying KOLs enables our customers to be the first to follow the latest trends and markets or start new collaborations. As you can imagine, spotting and engaging KOLs as fast and accurately as possible is crucial - read more to understand how.

  2. Large language models (LLMs) and search; it’s a FAIR game

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    Large language models (LLMs) have limitations when applied to search due to their inability to distinguish between fact and fiction, potential privacy concerns, and provenance issues. LLMs can, however, support search when used in conjunction with FAIR data and could even support the democratisation of data, if used correctly…

  3. A Report from the Biocuration 2023 Conference in Padua, Italy

    The Biocuration Conference this year was held in the beautiful historic town of Padua in the Veneto region of Italy, renowned for its ancient University and picturesque old town. The stylish and relaxed atmosphere was the perfect place for catching up with old friends and establishing new connections and collaborations.

  4. A review of the Pistoia Alliance Spring Conference 2023

    Last week SciBite was lucky enough to attend, and present at, the Pistoia Alliance Annual Spring Conference ‘23, held at the fantastic Leonardo Royal Hotel, St. Pauls, London. Read the thoughts of our Director of Technical Consultants, Joe Mullen

  5. Streamlining data-intensive scientific workflows through FAIR data

    Streamlining data-intensive scientific workflows and supply chains through FAIR data, data models and applications – A collaboration between L7 Informatics and SciBite. With increasingly complex manufacturing and supply chains in the life sciences, there is a requirement for flexible and extensible tools to support data management.

  6. SciBite unveils partnership with Modak

    Modak, a leading provider of data engineering solutions, and SciBite, an award-winning provider of semantic analytics technologies, today announced a partnership that will empower Life Science enterprises to fast track the process of generating insights from research publications, patents, and documents, which is crucial for advancing scientific discovery.

  7. Delivery of precision medicine through alignment of clinical data to ontologies

    Precision medicine is changing the way that we think about the treatment of disease, moving from broad-acting therapies to therapies tailored to the individual patient. This increasingly relies on real-world data (RWD), encompassing a diverse range of sources, spanning multi-omic molecular characterisation of the patient’s condition, clinical presentation, treatment, and broader medical histories.

  8. SKOS in CENtree: Further support in our latest 2.1 release

    At SciBite terminologies underpin all that we do. There are many ways to represent and build a standardised terminology, each with different levels of complexity. On one hand you have simple, informal, lightweight terminologies (e.g., glossaries, dictionaries, and thesauri), where the meaning (semantics) of terms is captured using natural language.

  9. SciBite brings enterprise ontologies to Benchling – Ontology backed data capture

    Unstructured and siloed data in the life sciences remains a significant barrier to fulfilling the promise of digital transformation. Awareness is growing for the importance of data capture and storage, enabling it to be effectively found, accessed, used interoperably and reused. These are the foundations of FAIR. Capturing data with FAIR in mind, ensuring your data is “born FAIR”, is key to unlocking the full potential of data.

  10. SciBite Virtual User Group Meeting 2021:
    What we discovered

    SciBite, the award-winning semantic technology company, recently hosted its annual User Group Meeting virtually for the second year running. Held over three days, we brought together our customers and partners to have discussions around Ontologies and Ontology-Powered Entity Registration, FAIR data ecosystems, Data FAIRification, and Knowledge Graphs

  11. SciBite announces the release of CENtree 2.0.1

    In this blog we announce the 2.0.1 release of CENtree, SciBite’s ontology management platform, which sees the introduction of features that enable you and your team greater control over managing and deploying ontologies in your applications, and a closer integration with TERMite.

  12. SciBite showcases cutting-edge insights to life science leaders

    Cambridge, UK – SciBite, the award-winning semantic technology company, recently hosted its first Virtual User Group Meeting across three days, bringing together its global customer base to share cutting-edge technology insights with life science leaders.

  13. What’s new in CENtree 1.4:
    Making ontology management simple

    Find out what's new in CENtree 1.4, the latest release of the enterprise ready multi-user ontology management platform for browsing and managing ontologies.

  14. Bringing FAIR to Chemistry, Manufacture & Control (CMC)

    In this blog we introduce our new package of vocabularies designed to enable the FAIR data principles and help pharmaceutical companies navigate their documents with respect to Chemistry, Manufacture and Control (CMC) procedures.

  15. What’s new in the latest release CENtree 1.2

    Find out what's new in CENtree 1.2, the latest release of the enterprise ready multi-user ontology management platform for browsing and managing ontologies.

  16. Sprinkling a little semantic enrichment into your data catalog

    This blog focuses on the use and value of data catalogs and Master Data Management (MDM) tools and how the additional layer of Semantics is required in order to truly see their value for enterprises looking to manage their data better.

  17. A day with the FAIRplus project: Implementing FAIR data principles

    Here's how some of the SciBite team got on at the FAIRplus Project SME and Innovation Forum.

  18. CENtree 1.1: Latest release of the revolutionary ontology management tool

    SciBite releases latest version of CENtree, the revolutionary ontology management platform for the life sciences.

  19. SciBite releases CENtree 1.0

    SciBite releases CENtree 1.0, the latest version of the innovative, collaborative platform which revolutionizes the way life sciences organizations manage and release ontologies.

  20. SciBite launches CENtree, ontology management for life sciences

    Cambridge, UK - SciBite, the award-winning semantic technology company, today announced the launch of CENtree, an innovative, collaborative platform which revolutionizes the way life sciences organizations manage and release ontologies.


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