Articles tagged: Discovery

  1. Delivery of precision medicine through alignment of clinical data to ontologies

    Precision medicine is changing the way that we think about the treatment of disease, moving from broad-acting therapies to therapies tailored to the individual patient. This increasingly relies on real-world data (RWD), encompassing a diverse range of sources, spanning multi-omic molecular characterisation of the patient’s condition, clinical presentation, treatment, and broader medical histories.

  2. Annotation of the Covid-19 open research dataset for the scientific research community

    In this blog find out how the SciBite team has responded to the tech community call to arms from The White House after they released an Open Research Dataset (CORD-19), with the hope to help uncover insights and answer high-priority scientific questions related to Covid-19.

  3. Using scientific data technology to access the emerging trends in immuno-oncology research

    In this blog, we explain more about our Immunonc vocabulary, comprising the concepts relating to this field, which enables our customers to be better informed about the current advances and emerging trends in cancer immunotherapy research, keeping them at the forefront of cancer treatment.


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