Articles tagged: Big data

  1. SciBite and Sinequa join forces to transform scientific search

    SciBite and Sinequa's new collaboration combines custom ontologies with a powerful search platform to help researchers find answers fast.

  2. Annotation of the Covid-19 open research dataset for the scientific research community

    In this blog find out how the SciBite team has responded to the tech community call to arms from The White House after they released an Open Research Dataset (CORD-19), with the hope to help uncover insights and answer high-priority scientific questions related to Covid-19.

  3. Using Enterprise Search to unlock the wealth of R&D data

    Learn more in this blog post about our partnership with Sinequa and how our technologies work together to provide a winning combination of Cognitive Search and powerful Life Sciences Semantics, as we explain how enterprise search platforms are enabling Pharmaceutical companies to become more information-driven.

  4. SciBite and Hadoop: Transforming Big Data

    In this post we explore how SciBite's semantic platform fits into these infrastructures and how it can be used to unlock the knowledge held in text form within an organisation to power next-generation analytics and insight.


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