Articles tagged: Architecture

  1. The benefits of semantically enriching document mining for chemists

    In this blog post, learn more about how our partner ChemAxon have integrated SciBite’s ultrafast named entity recognition (NER) and extraction engine solution, TERMite, into their leading cheminformatics platform, and how this can benefit your organisations informatics architecture.

  2. SciBite & RDF (Resource Description Framework) – A natural semantic fit

    In this article, we’ll explore how SciBite’s platform works with the semantic web and its primary data representation format, RDF, along with the benefits each technology brings.

  3. SciBite and Hadoop: Transforming Big Data

    In this post we explore how SciBite's semantic platform fits into these infrastructures and how it can be used to unlock the knowledge held in text form within an organisation to power next-generation analytics and insight.

  4. SciBite and ChemAxon to deliver an integrated solution for biology and chemistry research

    SciBite, announces strategic partnership with ChemAxon, the leading cheminformatics company, enabling Pharmaceutical companies to capitalise on unlocking the wealth of R&D data that is at their disposal.


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