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Enabling data discoverability: Leveraging semantics for intelligent scientific search [Use Case]

Search + business intelligence

SciBite Search delivers intelligent scientific search to everyone, you don’t have to be a search expert. Its modern, easy-to-use interface provides scientists with access to domain-specific ontology and AI-powered search capabilities to quickly find the answers they need while also providing sophisticated text-mining capabilities for deeper and more exploratory queries.

SciBite Search enables users to search both unstructured and structured information across:

  • Public biomedical sources, such as Medline and Clinical
  • Subscription content from providers such as Elsevier, Wiley, and Springer
  • Internal and external documents

Document-level security and role-based permissions ensure that access to proprietary information is controlled.

Here we highlight just a selection of the many applications of SciBite Search.

To learn more, download the full use case.

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