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How AI trains computers to recognize Protein-Protein interactions
[SciBite webinar]

Search + business intelligence

Calling all information scientists! We want to make your lives easier!

Learn how to retrieve better search results with less effort during this exclusive webinar with SciBite and CCC.

Hear from SciBite’s Head of Data Science Michael Hughes on how SciBite used artificial intelligence techniques to train computers to recognise phrases pertaining to Protein-Protein interactions.

You will:

  • Learn how to cut through the complexity of scientific language
  • Hear a case study from SciBite about their artificial intelligence techniques in action
  • Find out how to supercharge search at your organization

When key scientific concepts are normalized to single identifiers, the pain of having to come up with long lists of synonyms to get to the information you want is alleviated,” says Michael Hughes, SciBite’s Head of Data Science, who will lead the presentation. “Coupling this with AI-driven context extraction means that you can quickly narrow down a broad set of concept hits to a particular topic of interest.”

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