TERMite v5.9 now available

Announcing the latest version of our flagship text analytics software for life sciences, TERMite 5.9.

TERMite 6.3

Announcing the latest version of our flagship text analytics software for life sciences, TERMite.  TERMite is a powerful platform for the analysis of complex biomedical text in real time to aid discovery and decision making in areas such as drug repurposing, disease phenotype analysis, adverse event reporting, competitor intelligence, business analysis and many more.

TERMite can function both as a data mining/analyst tool and a semantic middleware system able to plug into existing third party applications such as Sinequa Enterprise Search, Spotfire, Cambridge Semantics Anzo Platform, Biovia Pipeline Pilot and beyond.

TERMite 5.9, released this June builds on the already wide range of powerful functionality. Of the many new features introduced, highlights include:

  • The new TERMite Inxights application – Simplifying the approach to perform powerful text analytics over spreadsheets and structured data
  • Patent Relevancy Analysis – We’ve integrated the algorithm used in the SureChembl system for identifying most important genes and diseases in life science patents
  • GEO Tagging – Annotate papers and documents with location data for geo-spatial analyses
  • Integrated Language Translation – Perform powerful text analytics on documents written in any language
  • Docker, AWS and Swagger support – You can now deploy TERMite pretty much anywhere with a single install command!
  • VOCabs upgrades – Significant updates to our 50+ main life science subject dictionaries
  • Personal Machine Low Memory Mode – Significantly reduced RAM/CPU footprint for use of the TERMite on personal computers without compromising on performance
  • Enhanced REST/JDBC and XML support – TERMite can connect to any text service and parse almost any type of document structure

TERMite 5.9 packs more semantic power into your applications and analyses than ever before.

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