SciBite Virtual User Group Meeting 2021:
What we discovered

SciBite, the award-winning semantic technology company, recently hosted its annual User Group Meeting virtually for the second year running. Held over three days, we brought together our customers and partners to have discussions around Ontologies and Ontology-Powered Entity Registration, FAIR data ecosystems, Data FAIRification, and Knowledge Graphs

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We recently hosted our annual User Group Meeting virtually for the second year running. Held across three days, we brought together our customers and partners to share cutting-edge insights. Representatives from over 20 leading life sciences organisations joined us as they heard from the likes of:

  • AstraZeneca
  • Novartis
  • AbbVie
  • Takeda
  • Elsevier
  • L7 Informatics
  • Sinequa
  • Unilever
  • Valo Health
  • Biogen
  • CCC
  • IDBS
  • Stardog

who each discussed their experiences implementing the SciBite platform.

During the first day, attendees heard from Elsevier’s , Managing Director, Life Sciences Cameron Ross as he gave an overview on SciBite and Elsevier’s relationship and our goals for the future in the session ‘SciBite and Elsevier our commitment to you’.

Some highlight topics from customer presentations over the three days include a presentation from Takeda’s GNoSIS project, an application for registering assay protocols, which leverages application ontologies hosted in SciBite CENtree and how it went from the initial concept to global rollout.

We also heard from Biogen who spoke on their DANTE project and how they embarked on a Data ‘FAIRification’ journey to increase the value and usability of R&D data across the organisation.

Unilever summarised their SEAC’s journey, focusing on a few use cases and how and where SciBite’s tools have been used to support their science and systems.

This event brought together a group of industry peers to discuss common semantic technology and how SciBite’s technology continues to prove invaluable within the life sciences industry. One attendee commented on the event to say “I have always been a fan from day one, and the SciBite platform is only getting better and ever more relevant to Science and Pharma”. Attendees also heard about the latest technology collaborations in advancing discovery and accelerating pharmaceutical insights with SciBite and its partner network which includes CCC, IDBS, L7 Informatics, Stardog and Sinequa.

About SciBite

SciBite’s data-first, semantic analytics software is leading the way with its pioneering infrastructure that combines the latest in machine learning with an ontology-led approach to unlock the value of scientific content. With headquarters in the UK, SciBite supports its global customer base with additional sites in the US and Japan.

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