SciBite Semantic Tech Hackathon 2018

As part of the 2018 SciBite User Group Meeting, hosted by our friends at Pfizer, we are also hosting our very first Hackathon.
When: Friday 12th October 2018 | Where: Pfizer, Kendall Sq, Boston, MA | Time: 09:00-17:00
Event attendance is by application ONLY and is FREE.

Semantic Technology Hackathon

What is the SciBite Semantic Tech Hackathon 2018?

SciBite’s first Semantic Tech Hackathon aims to bring together those working with data or code to find creative applications in applying AI to the life sciences.

Who should attend?

If you are a data scientist, software developer, software engineer, front end developer, bioinformatician, or just like writing bits of code to make things work, the hackathon is for you. We’re opening the event to those working in industry or academia, so if you are a PhD student, Research Assistant, or working for a company big or small, then come and join us.

What are we hacking?

During the day-long event, SciBite will be opening up access to tooling, including award-winning TERMite entity extraction tool with a rich API and Python toolkit. We will also be giving early access to some of our in-development entity identification and enrichment machine-learning toolkit. We will also be making a convenient set of training and testing life science data available on our Cloud Hosting for use during the hackathon, including literature articles, structured experimental data, and unstructured reports.

Representatives from SciBite will be on hand to help with any use of the SciBite tooling, though you are in no way restricted to just these tools!

Bring along your own ideas, tools, data, and problems, and we will hack together proto solutions in proposed areas of:

  • Ontology learning
  • Document classification
  • Semantic visualization and summarisation

On the day:

  • Food, snacks, drinks, and beer will be provided
  • There will be a prize for the most innovative semantic tech hack
  • Certificate of participation will be issued for everyone attending

You can work alone on any project that interests you, though we also encourage partnering up with other like-minded individuals to work alongside one another to tackle your objectives.

Outputs from all individuals/teams will be presented at the end of the hackathon.

Why should I take part?

Whether this is your first hackathon or your tenth, there are loads of reasons to participant in hackathons. Here are a few:

  • Working with like-minded hackers. There will be other people in the room just like you, with similar problems you can work on together; a problem shared is a problem halved
  • Working with people unlike you.  There will also be people in the room different from you, with other skill sets and problems you can learn from; hearing different perspectives are always valuable
  • Build personal networks. Make new connections with people from other organisations
  • Have fun! Be creative using tools and approaches you might not have seen or used before

Great, how do I get creative with Semantic Tech?

Since there will be limited capacity please reserve a place at your earliest convenience to join us in Boston.


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