SciBite releases CENtree 1.0

SciBite releases CENtree 1.0, the latest version of the innovative, collaborative platform which revolutionizes the way life sciences organizations manage and release ontologies.

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Ontologies play a critical role in semantic enrichment, enabling unstructured scientific text to be transformed into clean, contextualised data which can be understood and exploited by computational approaches, such as machine learning. Historically, maintaining multiple, evolving ontologies from both public and proprietary sources, has been a complex undertaking, requiring significant ontology expertise. This presents a bottleneck for most organisations and undermines the concept that an ontology should represent a shared understanding between experts.

CENtree is an enterprise ready multi-user platform for browsing and editing public and proprietary ontologies. With intuitive usability at its heart, CENtree makes loading, navigating and editing ontologies accessible to a wider audience. Artificial intelligence smart suggestion means users can enrich ontologies in a controlled way. For example, parent classes are suggested for a given term, helping users place the term in the ontology tree. CENtree has adopted FAIR data principles; ontologies are exportable in a wide variety of formats.

The focus of this release includes:

  • A simple role-based permission functionality, allowing control of who edits, suggest changes, approves, and views ontologies
  • Simple interface for loading, browsing and exporting ~40 public and private ontologies across a number of standard formats
  • Intuitive searching and results navigation
  • Collaborative editing model with commenting to track edits along with in-app and email notifications
  • Create proprietary ontologies
  • Expansion of AI-assisted suggestions to class property types including definitions, super classes, and relationship types
  • Upload latest ontology versions into existing version
  • APIs to facilitate integration with existing system

Read more about CENtree (click here) or download the datasheet.

About SciBite

SciBite is an award-winning semantic software company offering an ontology-led approach to transforming unstructured content into machine-readable clean data. Supporting the top 20 pharma with use cases across life sciences, SciBite empowers customers with a suite of fast, flexible, deployable API technologies, making it a critical component in scientific data-led strategies. Headquartered in the UK, we support our global customer base through additional sites in the US and Japan.

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