Enhanced Clinical Vocabularies – Inclusion of CDISC in TERMite 6.3

SciBite's latest TERMite 6.3 release includes a new set of clinical ontologies as it introduces a set of CDISC vocabularies.

Blog - CDISC vocabularies

SciBite is pleased to announce the inclusion of an introductory set of CDISC vocabularies in the TERMite 6.3 release, a new set of clinical ontologies that you can use within our semantic technologies.

CDISC (Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium) controlled terminologies are widely used for study planning, data collection and analysis, and have been adopted in regulatory submission to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and by other international regulatory agencies.

SciBite has added an initial set of these vocabularies including:

SciBite CDISC vocabularies in TERMite

Our high-quality vocabularies and ontologies provide the critical foundation which enables SciBite’s TERMite named entity recognition engine to accurately detect important topics within biomedical text, as well as data entry. Each vocabulary is enhanced by a combination of our in-house and experienced ontologist and biocurators, and our proprietary ontology enrichment software.

The CDISC vocabularies are already being used by our customers for data entry, for example to power autocomplete for bespoke metadata entry forms, and they can also be used for entity extraction use-cases.

CDISC enriched text in TERMite 6.3 - CDISCAGE (age), CDISCETHNIC (ethnicity) and CDISCRACE (race) terms identified.

CDISC enriched text in TERMite 6.3 – CDISCAGE (age), CDISCETHNIC (ethnicity) and CDISCRACE (race) terms identified.

The CDISC vocabularies are available within the Clinical VOCabs module.

Learn how SciBite’s TERMite and VOCabs solutions can help unlock the potential of scientific data in your business by contacting the SciBite team today.

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