Advancing data interoperability: Exploring ontology mapping for FAIR data initiatives
[SciBite + Pistoia Alliance Webinar]

Join our upcoming joint webinar with Pistoia Alliance and hear from our Head of Ontologies, Jane Lomax and our Head of Semantic Technology, Simon Jupp.

Pistoia Alliance Webinar: Advancing Data Interoperability

Time: 7AM PDT | 10AM EDT | 3PM BST| 4PM CET

Achieving data interoperability is fundamental for successful FAIR (Findable,
Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable) data initiatives, and the utilisation of
ontology and terminology standards plays a crucial role in this endeavor.
Nevertheless, challenges arise when organisations adopt competing or
overlapping standards, necessitating access to mapping solutions to align
datasets effectively. This issue is especially prevalent in industries, where
internal and private terminology codes must be mapped to public ontology
identifiers for integrating public datasets seamlessly.

High-quality mapping between public ontologies exists and standards have
emerged that facilitate the publication and sharing of these mappings.
Numerous tools and best practices are also available to generate novel ontology
mappings. Despite such progress, industries continue to invest significant
resources into generating and curating mappings. Consequently, services are in
demand to ensure mappings remain updated and accurate as data and
ontologies grow and evolve.

In this webinar, we delve into the landscape of ontology mapping, exploring
existing mapping sets and innovative approaches to generating and maintaining ontology mappings



  • Jane Lomax, Head of Ontologies at SciBite
  • Simon Jupp, Head of Semantic Technology at SciBite

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