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Complex dynamic upper airway collapse: associations between abnormalities in 99 harness racehorses with one or more dynamic disorders.

Recieved:01-Sep-2012 00:00:00

Equine Section, Norwegian School of Veterinary Science, Oslo, Norway.
Strand, E; Skjerve, E

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Many horses demonstrate dynamic collapse of more than one upper respiratory tract (URT) structure during high-speed treadmill videoendoscopy (HSTV). To report the frequency of complex dynamic URT collapse in harness racehorses and determine if an association exists between occurrence of certain disorders. Retrospective study of 99 Standardbreds and Coldblooded trotters that had one or more dynamic URT disorders identified during HSTV between 1998 and 2006. The horses underwent HSTV using a protocol that included periods of free head carriage and poll flexion until fully fatigued. Dynamic abnormalities were classified as: dynamic laryngeal collapse (DLC) associated with poll flexion; axial deviation of the aryepiglottic folds (ADAF); dynamically flaccid epiglottis (FE); caudal palatal instability (PI); intermittent dorsal displacement of the soft palate (iDDSP); pharyngeal collapse (PC); alar fold collapse (AFC) and nasal flutter (NF). Cluster analysis and Fisher s exact test was performed between groups. Significance was set at P

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